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Greetings and welcome to EverWars! EverWars is a wonderous and in depth browser-based game world and roleplaying community forged from the idea that imagination is the best game engine. Whether you enjoy questing, crafting, fighting or simply socializing, EverWars has something for you! Come! Join us in EverWars! Your adventures await!
Top Heroes of the Loyalists
Top Loyalists
Zeras <Wizard>
Top Heroes of the Separatists
Top Separatists
ZerasSep <Druid>
Karmagasm <Druid>
The Story of EverWars
The world of Aganon has changed considerably in the last hundred winters since the Day of Change began the chaotic and deadly time of the Ever Wars. The world was nearly destroyed and most of the people lost their lives during this dark period in our history. The end of the world was nigh.

In the waning twilight of civilization, the surviving elders were able to convene a great meeting of the regional leaders in a last effort to save the people of Aganon from inevitable annihilation. At least that is how the ancient tomes portray it.

Some of our historians say it was the elders' plan all along to allow the most ruthless of the regional leaders to kill off each other in hopes of saving those who remained. Whether it was their plan or an act of desperation, their actions helped save our world, at least for a while.

A new war has started. The Loyalists of the Kingdom of Aganon have been called to arms to defend the kingdom from attacks by those who resist the rule of the Council of Elders. The Separatists have grown stronger in recent seasons as their numbers and capabilities have grown. They seek to destroy the council and bring control of the kingdom to the people.

Some fear the chaos that would ensue should the council be overthrown, while others believe a peaceful society awaits their demise. Only time will unveil the truth.
Latest News
March 11, 2012 - Game Update
 by Zeras
The following updates are now live:

  • You should no longer be able to buy an item in the shop that you already have in your kingdom.

  • You should no longer be able to buy an item in the market that you already have in your kingdom.

  • The Battle button should now take you to the correct page where you are ranked if you are not on the first page.

March 9, 2012 - Game Update
 by Zeras
The following updates are now live:

  • The abandon option for missions and quests where it is allowed should be working correctly now.

  • I have fixed several other bugs though most were minor or display bugs.

  • A new option has been added to the Settings page that allows you to disable the slide up/down animation effect on alert messages. This was added by request. I will likely add more animation disable options in the near future.

March 4, 2012 - Game Update
 by Zeras
The following game updates are now live:
  • Factions have been renamed back to Genres to better fit future development plans.

  • A new recruitment reward system based on Notcraft Tokens has been added to the game.

  • Every time you earn 100 tokens, you will be able to claim a rare item prize. You can only claim one prize per day and will not accrue more than 100 tokens at any time.

  • You earn tokens each day you or your recruits are active in Notcraft, but you will not earn tokens for recruits on the same network as yourself.

  • You can view your token status by looking at the Notcraft Tokens progress bar below your avatar in your side profile area.

  • For more information on the new token system, read the FAQ or click on the progress bar titled Notcraft Tokens.

February 27, 2012 - Game Update
 by Zeras
The following updates are now live:

  • Just a reminder that all artwork you see will be replaced in the near future, so please be patient!

  • A new expanded Mission System has been added to the game engine that will offer a lot of new quests to players.

  • New missions will be offered to you every 20-30 minutes and will appear in the area where the Free Loot button appears.

  • Players can now abandon missions and quests though some exceptions will remain such as the tutorial quests which cannot be abandoned.

  • Only a small number of generic repeatable missions are in the game at this time so that I can monitor the system for bugs.

  • A lot more quests and missions will be added to the game in the future that will be more difficult and offer greater rewards.

  • Players can have up to 3 active missions. If you would like support for more missions, you can purchase an upgrade in the Upgrade Shop.

  • A new option has been added to the Settings page that will allow you to disable New Mission offers.

  • Numerous tweaks and adjustments have been made to the layout to improve visual quality and game playability.

  • The Platinum Shop is now online! You can purchase platinum which will give you access to various upgrades throughout Notcraft.

  • When you purchase platinum from the Platinum Shop, you receive a Platinum Pack which is placed into your vault. As long as you purchased the Platinum Pack yourself and it remains unclaimed in your vault, you can sell it in the market. Platinum Packs purchased in the market are automatically claimed so only the original Platinum Shop buyers can sell Platinum Packs in the market.

  • All previous settings had to be wiped due to a change in how settings are set and stored.

February 26, 2012 - Game Update Tomorrow Morning!
 by Zeras
During final testing, I found a few small bugs which have since been corrected and I found a better way to handle a couple of areas of the update. I am finished with the game update and have tested it as much as possible so it is ready to go live. However, I am going to wait until in the morning to put it online so that I can monitor the update after it goes live to make sure there are no issues with it. While this update is mainly centered around the new mission/quest system, it is a massive update to the game engine so it will definitely need to be monitored.

February 25, 2012 - Game Update in less than 24 hours!
 by Zeras
I bring good news! I have finished most of the development of the new quest system. I need to test it thoroughly and also create more quests, but either later tonight or tomorrow, Notcraft will have quests!!

February 21, 2012 - Update Status
 by Zeras
I have been and continue working on the quest system in Notcraft. I am making several internal changes that should make adding new quests much easier than it is currently. Once I am done, the quest system will become a bigger part of the game.

Sample Items
Lesser Blast of Ice
<Ice Magic>
Ice Magic
Adds +10 power, +30 damage to your hero
Plate Arms
<Plate Armor>
Plate Armor
Adds +110 health, +55 armor to your hero
Tarnished Bronze Sword
Adds +10 attack, +20 damage to your hero
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